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Operation Island Cats (Tonawanda Island, 2015)

If you've ever been to The Shores restaurant in North Tonawanda, NY or have ever visited Tonawanda Island at all, then you may well know there is an overwhelming number of unvaccinated, unsterilized strays living on the island. Cats & kittens roam free & can be seen sleeping under boats, on boat trailers and on boat slips stacked high. Many of these cats have been born on the island & this is the only life they've ever known, some have been dumped by irresponsible owners who think souls are disposable. In an attempt to clean up the island & stop this vicious cycle of reproducing in an already extremely overcrowded area, we decided to try to humanely trap as many adults as we could So,they can be vaccinated, sterilized, have one of their ears "tippped" (to show they've been sterilized) & re-released back on to the island. Many of the adult cats were, unfortunately, not adoptable, as they were just too wild, but at the very least they were fixed, unable to reproduce & free to spend the rest of their days without worry on their island home.

Although many adults were returned to the island, the young kittens, who are more easily tamed will be removed, were placed in foster care for socialization & put up for adoption.


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