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61 desperate kitties rescued from abandoned building

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

March 2022: Big hugs, high-fives & so many thanks to the all-star trapping teams led by Kim Rodeffer with Kat Colony. They saved 61 of these beautiful faces from an extremely devastating situation in Batavia, NY last month, despite working in cold, dark, and haunting conditions. This important project was also made possible by several Western NY rescues and clinics, including Cheektowaga Veterinary Hospital, Operation Pets, Ten Lives Club, Second Chance Sheltering Network, & HEART Animal Rescue.

So many volunteers worked tirelessly to turn a nightmare into a dream come true for 61 cats. 60! That is a lot of pretty kitties to catch, clean, transport, triage, assess, apply flea treatment to & keep track of! Everyone chipped in though & worked together to make it happen.

Thanks to these incredible volunteers, 61 kitties experienced love, warmth, and endless food/water for their first time (or since their last humans, once upon a time). Let your heart melt, knowing they are closing that sad + scary chapter in life, and are moving on to cozy & safe living conditions with a loving caregiver

We cannot extend enough gratitude to the extraordinary trappers, rescues, volunteers, clinics, fosters, and everyone who has shared, donated, commented, or pitched in to stop their suffering. We couldn't have done it without your help, & these precious furbabies are so thankful!


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