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Adoption Success Story: Hannah and Savannah

Originally there were four cats in the Eichinger household, but as the years passed there were three, then two, then one, then none.

“Our house was empty of animals,” said Amy Eichinger. “It felt so sad.”

Last January, on Amy’s birthday, just a week and a half after their last beloved kitty passed away, Amy, her husband, and their two children decided to attend the Furtastic Adopt-A-Thon in Williamsville. A pair of kittens who shared a cage at the Cat by Cat Inc. display caught their eye.

The two young females, Holly and Mikie, weren’t bonded littermates. They had been put into the same cage by mistake, but despite the fact that they had never previously met, it was instant love. They cuddled in the cage, they cuddled in the carrier on the way home, and they cuddled as they adjusted to their new living situation.

Renamed Hannah and Savannah by the Eichinger kids, the two remain fast friends. Hannah has sleek black fur and green eyes; Savannah is a dainty calico. Two months apart in age, they are now around a year old.

“Savannah attached herself to me—she’s my lap cat,” Amy said. “She’d sit on my lap all day if I’d let her. Hannah cuddles sometimes too, but Savannah is mine!”

Impressed with Cat by Cat’s operation, Amy decided to volunteer. She now provides direct care in the Cat by Cat shelter. “I’m in the shelter every Saturday morning, cleaning cages, feeding and playing with the cats.” She recently learned to bottle feed a four-day-old kitten brought in by another volunteer.

“I absolutely love doing this,” Amy said. “I love gaining the knowledge. I love hanging out with the cats and getting to know them.”

“Cat by Cat is a fantastic organization,” she added. “I strongly believe in their mission, and I’m so happy to be a part of the Cat by Cat family.”


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