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There's no place like home

There is so much heartbreak, discouragement and exhaustion involved in cat rescue, but it is these positive moments of hope and joy that make it all worthwhile. Ally, a blind and deaf senior kitty, was discovered by the wonderful Kristin Gugino wandering terrified and shaking in the streets of Tonawanda, coming very close to being run over by cars that she couldn't see or hear - she would not have lasted long out there. Kristin swooped her to safety, called Cat by Cat, and put up flyers in the neighborhood. Because this kitty was obviously senior with apparent health issues, Cat By Cat whisked Ally off immediately to Cheektowaga Veterinary Hospital where she was vetted by the amazing Dr. Sue and the wonderful CVH team.

Because she is blind and deaf, Ally was bewildered by her unfamiliar surroundings, yet she continued to be affectionate and loving despite her confusion. Cat By Cat only had Ally a couple of nights before Kristin's fantastic flyers triggered a phone call, and we discovered Ally's family had been out frantically searching for her—apparently she had snuck out the door when the dog was being let out. Kristin called the owners, who gave an accurate description of Ally and her medical issues, and Ally was joyfully reunited with her Mama. Ally was so happy to be home, back in her familiar space—after loving on her Mama she immediately went to all her familiar spots in the house—her water fountain, the plant, her bed, and made sure they were all still there.

This is the outcome we always hope for when a lost or stray cat is found, but these joyful reunions don't happen often enough. When they do, we cry tears of joy and are re-energized for the work of helping as many cats as we can. Happy life, Ally, we are so glad you are home.


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